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Miejsce do prowadzenia jałowej i starej jak świat dyskusji na temat tego, który broker jest lepszy od którego, a który nie.
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tradestation international

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Otwieram wątek.
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1. You are an Internet branch/agent of Interactive Brokers and when create an account with you, I set it up with them?
This is correct but you get our support and platform

2.What is the minimum deposit amount to open an account?
$1000USD or quivalent

3.What is the account maintenance fee?
$1 a month if no trading

4.What is the fee for inactivity during the year?
As above

5.Is there any fee for withdrawing funds?
The first withdrawal is free each month, more than one withdrawals then have charge depending on the withdrawal type

6.As a Polish resident, can I set up an account with the W8BEN form so that I can pay a 15% dividend not 30%?
You must set up with a w8, but whether you are charged 15% or 30% is dependant on your country of residence and status – you should discuss this with your tax accountant

7.What currency conversion spread do you have for another currency, e.g. russian ruble?
The spread is as in the market, we charge 0.6basis points per transaction, spreads then depend on the currency and can be as low as 0.1 for EURUSD/GBPUSD etc

8.Do you have direct access to all American ETFs and not as in IB or Lynks through options?
Not all ETFs are available as they do not have PRIIPS and KIIDS, if they do have these then they are avaialble.

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